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    Unlock Your Online Visibility Potential: 6 Ways Human Design Can Boost Your Brand And Reach By Juliette Stapleton

    Human Design is a unique approach to understanding yourself and your business. It combines elements of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakras to create a map of your unique energy and potential. By understanding your own Human Design, you can make better decisions about your marketing strategies and create a more authentic and effective brand.

    Here are just six ways the wisdom of Human Design can help you create aligned and magnetic online visibility for your business.


    The first step is to understand your own human design and how it affects your decision-making, communication style, and approach to business. Not every Human Design reading will do. As much as it sounds attractive to get to know more about you and your potential, it can also be quite confusing and, in fact, distracting to focus on all areas. Human Design does not have a “shallow end,” and people tend to either get overwhelmed or seduced by knowing all. Yet it is only the top-level understanding of your Human Design Strategy and Authority that can help you completely change your decision-making process, ensuring more aligned and correct choices in business and beyond.

    For example, finding out how to run my business as a Projector revealed how incorrect and even unhealthy for me to hustle and keep “working hard” – simply because I do not have the natural energy reserves required. Instead, I learned to focus on recharging and knowing when to stop and allow myself to BE (as opposed to keeping DOING) – which helped me focus on what matters most and tap into y creativity when I have the energy for self-expression while understanding how the periods of stillness are crucial for my manifestations. I had the best year in my business when I thought I was slowing down to the point of standing still. Knowing how to leverage your own energy patterns and working with your rhythms was crucial for me. It showed its correctness in tangible results when we looked at the end-of-the-year figures. I am now exploring an even more aligned way of running my business without overextending myself or burning out.


    As a visibility expert, I also add some understanding of your Human Design Profile because this is how you perceive yourself through your personality and how others see you through your unconscious traits and behaviors. This is what determines your Personal Brand and your Brand Voice and can be powerfully magnetic when implemented in your marketing.

    For example, as a 1/3 profile, my Brand Voice is all about the accumulation of the never- ending research I do in my search for the security and safety of all foundational matters. I can easily see through the smoke screens of my industry and guide my clients towards “what I see” through my natural trustworthiness, backed up by research and explorations observations.


    Human Design can be a powerful tool in connecting with your target audience. By understanding your energy and the personalities of your fractals (in marketing, we call the ideal clients) you can create a message that aligns with their needs and desires. You can build a brand that truly resonates with them. For example, if your tfractals have line 4 in their profile, they thrive on the sense of community and connection, you can create a message that emphasizes the community and connection that your brand can provide.

    This can be done through social media groups, events, and other forms of engagement that foster connection. Additionally, by understanding the needs and desires of your target audience, you can create products and services that truly align with their needs, which can also help to foster a connection. But it does not have to be limited to building an online community in the most common sense. It all depends on your energy type and how you yourself connect with people.

    For example, if you are a sociable person for whom the connection to your ‘tribe” is a vital part of your design, creating and growing Facebook groups to nurture your audience and promote your products and services is advisable. But if you have a lot of “lone wolf” traits in your design, you can easily choose NOT to focus on building and managing online communities. There are other ways to attract a very aligned audience, for example, creating discoverable content through blogging, podcasting, or contributing to established publications, like this one, for example.

    Good news? Lone wolves also attract great audiences, which can also be considered communities but not in the form of a Facebook group! It could be your email list when you touch base as you feel drawn to and have no need to “engage” them 24/7.


    You can use your Human Design to play to your strengths. For example, drawing inspiration from exploring your conscious Sun gate, which is one of the most palpable energies you are broadcasting into the world. Learn about its shadows and gifts and focus on the gifts when you are talking about what you bring to the table in your sales pages and offer invitations.

    There are other Planetary influences that can help you understand what you are working through within this lifetime and what lessons you are learning, so you can teach them to others (or simply emphasize them as angles in promoting your existing services and products. The most interesting part of mastering your Brand Voice is that you can connect almost anything and position yourself in a way that reflects your natural energetics, no matter what you do and what your niche is.


    Consistency is key in marketing, and your Human Design can help you develop a consistent message and approach. For example, if you are a Manifesting Generator, you might want to allow yourself to switch between tasks before completing them – if you feel no longer lit up by a specific one. If you choose to leave it for a while and focus on something else that brings you joy at that moment, you might find that your creativity will draw you back to the initial project in a while, and you will complete it on a high (and not feeling dead inside from forcing yourself to “finish what you started”). Every energy type has a compass to know when they are in alignment, and you can focus on adjusting your course toward their signature feeling of alignment to achieve maximum possible consistency and flow.


    Your human design is unique, and it may take some trial and error to find what works best for you and your business. There is no set-in-stone prescription, and at the end of the day, you have to feel good about specific tactics and activities you are engaging with. The more aligned and in the flow you feel – the better and more compelling your content becomes, and your magnetism opens up to great manifestations.

    If you want to learn more and are unsure where to start, order your Marketing Blueprint By Design™ and start adjusting your business and your energies for a more harmonious and aligned client attraction.


    Juliette Stapleton
    Juliette Stapleton
    Juliette Stapleton is an online visibility strategist. She mentors coaches and experts using Human Design to re-align their marketing with their authentic selves. Juliette is internationally recognized for her direct, non-traditional marketing methods. She teaches how to show up online confidently, build strong positioning as an authority in your niche, and attract perfectly aligned clients and opportunities.


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