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    How A VA Can Help By Linh Podetti

    It’s easy to be drawn into the world of funny memes and beautiful brunches on Instagram. But Instagram is no longer just an image-based platform, so if you’re lacking a clear vision and just posting on Instagram for the sake of it…then you’re wasting valuable time and effort.

    “If you’re lacking a clear vision and just posting on Instagram for the sake of it… then you’re wasting valuable time and effort.”

    Over the years, Instagram has transformed into an effective content marketing machine and audience building tool. It hosts all different types of content that businesses can utilise to their advantage resulting in a stronger online brand and business growth. This requires the right resources and time dedicated to using features that can benefit your business such as: Instagram shop, swipe up links, reels, guides and more.

    What’s your Instagram Strategy?

    Having an Instagram Virtual Assistant by your side can help your business to reach new Instagram marketing goals… but it all starts with a solid strategy. So before we continue, do you know the answers to these 4 key questions?

    Q1: Who is your target audience?

    Knowing who you’re trying to reach is the most crucial step of your social media roadmap. Look at your competitors and clients to come up with Customer Avatars of your ideal target audience to understand what type of content they consume, what pages they’d follow and hashtags or location tags they’d search.

    Q2: What kind of content should I create?

    You’ll need to tailor your content towards your customer’s needs and interests. Consider your customer’s pain points as well as what type of content they would like to consume on different days of the week. For example, you might want to save your new eBook announcement on the Monday while your funny Reels are scheduled on the Friday.

    Q3: How do I distribute my content effectively?

    Understand the features of Instagram, and create a variety of content to engage with your followers, such as Instagram photos, carousels, IGTV, reels, stories, highlights, guides and tap to shop links. The more features you can utilise and test, the more you’ll learn about how to better distribute your content – remember, there’s no one size fits all approach.

    Q4: How will you engage with followers and leads?

    The secret to growing your page is Instagram Engagement. This means that you’ll need to have someone dedicated to responding to comments, following similar pages, liking other posts and sending direct messages when it’s appropriate. This is a time consuming task that is perfectly suited for an Instagram Virtual Assistant (VA).

    Let’s talk about Instagram VAs

    When it comes to Instagram, uploading videos, writing captions and commenting on photos all sounds nice and easy. But, it is very time- consuming and takes you away from higher- value tasks.

    Our VAs are remote assistants mainly based in the Philippines, who are experienced in managing Instagram accounts to help clients reach their objectives.

    As the business owner, by hiring an experienced and reliable Instagram VA, you can focus on spending time with your clients, and focusing on strategy and business growth while your VA runs your Instagram account in the background.

    What can an Instagram Virtual Assistant do?

    • Design Instagram content using tools like Canva, Photoshop, InDesign
    • Edit Instagram videos such as stories and reels Fill out the Instagram content calendar
    • Write Instagram captions
    • Generate Instagram hashtags, location tags
    • Schedule Instagram content using scheduling tools like Later
    • Instagram hashtag research Manage and update Instagram shop Tag Instagram products in posts Manage Instagram inbox
    • Manage Instagram engagement Create Instagram reports Competitor research
    • Create Instagram Story Highlights Create Instagram filters
    • Create Instagram guides Manage Instagram tagged posts
    • Update and optimise Instagram bio Create Linktree profile for bio link Manage IGTV videos and series
    • Manage your Instagram and Facebook Ads
    • Run and manage Instagram giveaways and competitions
    • Manage your Instagram Influencer Outreach

    Think about all the social media tasks that you handle right now that you could easily outsource to an Instagram VA and imagine the freedom you’ll have when you stop spending hours on Instagram tasks every day.

    But remember that you’re not paying your VA to potter around, you’ll need to clearly define exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve and have measurable and trackable results.

    Have your VA keep track of the statistics and watch your online presence grow with more engagement happening, as well as additional leads and potential customers coming through your marketing and sales funnel.

    Linh Podetti
    Linh Podetti
    My mission in life is to create job opportunities for talented people across the globe, helping them to do what they love, regardless of where they live in the world. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and run multiple businesses. I currently spend most of my time at Outsourcing Angel, a business that helps to connect business owners with talented virtual assistants from developing countries like the Philippines. I believe that giving work, is a solution to reducing poverty.


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