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    Outsource Christmas To A Virtual Assistant By Linh Podetti

    It’s coming up to that wonderful time of year! Are you starting to feel all warm and fuzzy for the Christmas season or are you feeling overwhelmed with all the impending Christmas tasks on top of your regular workload? It’s tough, we know!

    This is where a Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you get through this exciting, but stressful time by helping you organise gifts to clients and employees as well as the administrative Christmas tasks like updating your company’s trading hours on your website and Google Places.

    Christmas Tasks for your Virtual Assistant

    Here’s a round up of some of the most commonly outsourced tasks that our clients assign to their VAs as well as our recommended tools.

    1. Personalised cards

    Your clients will be bombarded with generic cards and eCards this time of year. So to give yourself a memorable WOW factor, you should create completely personalised cards for your clients by using a tool (that I personally love and use for all special occasions) called SendOutCards.

    SendOutCards is an online platform that allows you to add your own photos and heartfelt messages to a card, then when you’re ready you simply enter the recipient’s address and a greeting card will be printed on high quality paper and sent via mail!

    • Here’s how you could ask your VA to organise personalised cards for you:
    • Create lists of clients and their delivery addresses
    • Source or design images for the cards to personalise the front and back
    • Write a nice personalised message Organise the delivery of the cards once approved by you

    To make the card as personal as possible, you

    should ask your VA to source photos of the recipient (a recent photo of the two of you together is a good one!) or a nice memory they’d like to have as a keepsake.

    2. Montage videos

    If you have clients that would appreciate a meaningful video, a VA can put together a collection of all the achievements and happy memories into a montage video as a Christmas gift.

    You can also ask your VA to do a montage video for your company with all the highlights from the year to share with your colleagues. You’ll be able to

    watch this together during your Christmas celebrations and leave everyone on a happy note before the year ends.

    3. Gift deliveries

    Everyone loves a surprise gift during the holiday season, but organising them can take a lot of time, especially if you want them to be meaningful gifts. This is where your VA can help you with researching your clients’ interests in order to arrange a Christmas present that they’ll love – such as a Kindle with a personalised case for the booklovers!

    These gifts will show that you pay attention to your clients and help you build stronger relationships and better rapport.

    4. Update trading hours and delivery times

    Now let’s not forget all the admin tasks that you’ll need to do closer to Christmas time. Here are all the places your VA can help you update with your holiday trading hours:

    • Website (e.g banners, setting up a Christmas Trading Hours page, ‘Get it in time for Christmas’ notifications)
    • Email campaigns Email signatures Autoresponders
    • Social media (and pin it to the top of your feed!) Google Places
    • Calendar reminders and alerts

    5. Update Social Media Banners

    Get into the festive season by updating your social media banners and profile photos with Christmas themed graphics. Even something as simple as popping a Christmas hat on your logo can get you into the spirit! These are tasks that your VA can easily complete using tools like Canva.

    6. End of year reports

    If you give your VA access to your insights and report platforms, they can gather data for you in preparation for your end-of-year reports. This is a HUGE timesaver that our clients love outsourcing when working with VAs.

    In addition to this, your VA can help you with competitor research as well as upcoming trends for next year that you can add to your report notes too.

    Whatever the Christmas task is, just remember that you don’t have to do it all. If you can outsource these tasks to a VA, it allows you to properly plan for a strategic start to the new year ahead!








    Linh Podetti
    Linh Podetti
    My mission in life is to create job opportunities for talented people across the globe, helping them to do what they love, regardless of where they live in the world. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and run multiple businesses. I currently spend most of my time at Outsourcing Angel, a business that helps to connect business owners with talented virtual assistants from developing countries like the Philippines. I believe that giving work, is a solution to reducing poverty.


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