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    Set-up Your Social Media For 2022 By Linh Podetti

    This year, the pandemic really disrupted traditional ways of communication. Most businesses had to make drastic changes to their content marketing plans while their consumers were turning to digital channels and consuming content more than ever before.

    In fact, according to SEMRush, about 68% of marketers expect to increase their digital content marketing budgets next year.

    But we believe that it’s not about how much money you spend, it’s how effectively you allocate it to the right resources. This is where outsourcing to Social Media Virtual Assistants comes into play.

    Your business by now should be adjusted to operating online throughout the pandemic. If this is you, then it’s time to scale your business and start delegating cumbersome tasks such as Social Media to a Virtual Assistant (VA) located in the Philippines (for a fraction of the cost of local employees too!)

    What can a Social Media VA do?

    For more than 10 years, my company Outsourcing Angel has recruited, trained and on-boarded the most experienced and reliable VAs for hundreds of clients. These clients are seeking freedom to focus on high value tasks while a VA can look after running their social media channels. But what exactly can these VAs do?

    Set-up your Social Media Schedule

    One of the most time consuming tasks involves setting up your Social Media Schedule for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

    Download Social Media Schedule template for 2022

    Get a FREE copy of our easy-to-edit template to use with a VA here:

    Create your Social Media Content

    Don’t just post content for the sake of posting!

    With tools available like Canva, your VA can easily design content based on your social media schedule and strategy as well as source shareable content from other pages. There are also additional design tasks such as creating social media banners, stories, story highlights and filters that your VA can assist with too.

    Scheduling content

    Instead of wasting your time scheduling daily social media posts and taking yourself away from the core of your business, imagine delegating all of this to a Social Media VA instead. Your VA can use tools such as Buffer,

    Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Coschedule and Later to schedule and manage your content across multiple channels. All you need to do is review the content before it goes live!

    Social media engagement

    If your page is currently leaving comments and direct messages unanswered, that’s a lost opportunity and a bad first impression of your business to your audience. A VA can help you develop a two-way conversation by staying active, answering questions, addressing complaints and thanking people (or pinning their comments to the top) when you receive positive feedback.

    Building your network

    In addition to creating two-way conversations, it’s important that some of them are initiated too! Your VA can dedicate at least an hour a day to building your network by following relevant pages and as well as liking and commenting on the social media pages of your leads and potential customers too.

    Set-up your social media shop

    If you’re an eCommerce page, you’ll need to set-up your Facebook Shop Feed and tag products in your posts and ads to make your content shoppable.

    Manage social media ads

    Social Media VAs can help you set-up Facebook and Instagram ads based on your content and briefs. Once the social media ad campaign has finished, your VA will be able to gather the results and insights for you to analyse the performance of your ads too.

    Final thoughts

    If you want to see your business grow bigger and faster, hiring a Social Media VA can be an essential part of your business. You’ll be able to concentrate on your high-value duties while your VA is looking after the researching, creating, scheduling and engagement.


    Linh Podetti
    Linh Podetti
    My mission in life is to create job opportunities for talented people across the globe, helping them to do what they love, regardless of where they live in the world. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and run multiple businesses. I currently spend most of my time at Outsourcing Angel, a business that helps to connect business owners with talented virtual assistants from developing countries like the Philippines. I believe that giving work, is a solution to reducing poverty.


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