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    Tough Love By Mary Henderson

    If you ask my clients how they describe me, nine out of ten will say “she is tough and won’t tell you what you want to hear”.

    That type of coaching is not for everyone because not everyone wants to be told what they need to hear. It’s hard. For me, it’s essential for growth and prosperity.

    It’s also essential in the sales process.

    I realised a while back that when I spoke to my prospects, I was being too nice and safe.

    Then it struck me like a lightning cord, that I was NOT serving these people because all I was doing was feeding their EGO Self and ensuring that the EGO Self continued to keep that person enslaved to their inner prison and their make believe story that they “got this”.

    The reality is – if someone has reached out for your free lead magnet – they haven’t got it and their Ego Self hasn’t delivered on it’s false promise.

    We all want to serve and give value. Well I know that is what I want to do, but how am I serving if I am feeding the Ego. I’m not. I’m enabling it by giving it the food it needs to not just survive but thrive.

    I have spoken to so many people and have heard dreams that will never come true. I have heard how they are best of the best but never move from a job they hate.

    I have heard how their sales funnel is going to return seven figures and end up utterly disappointed and I have heard every symptom and excuse as to why they can’t invest in themselves.

    Time is our greatest currency and I want to honour that, therefore when I give someone 45 minutes of my time, I want that person to leave with a different mindset.

    I want to challenge their EGO Self so it can literally SHUT UP and wake up the Spirit Self so it comes to life and can present opportunities and ideas through a different lens. That is my absolute intention.

    To me, the greatest honour you can give a human being is to allow them to self-realise their potential and genius zone. That is so humbling. Yet, so many people never reach that destination.

    Instead, so much emphasis is placed on vanity metrics, views, hustling hard and that is fuel for the EGO. Very little time is invested in unlearning beliefs and habits that are non-serving.

    I am not afraid to say that I love sales. I love the process and I love the human interaction.

    But, to be successful, you have to give tough love, especially if you have a solution that can solve a problem.

    I learned through my own trials and tribulations that this attitude to sales is critical for success, but it takes courage and deep conviction.

    I believe in my solution and I know it works because my success rate is so high. That gives me incredible confidence to challenge status quo thinking that is antiquated and limited.

    I say this because I have been that person too.

    The thing I want to emphasise is that there is another side to the EGO and it’s freedom. We must learn what freedom actually means at an individual level first. When we get this, we then have choice.

    Let me circle back to sales and share another layer that is connected to tough love. It’s my values. My core value is TRUTH. I stand by this in everything I do, say and be. It is the foundation that my home is built on and it’s the foundation in my business.

    Therefore, it must be the foundation in my sales process. Otherwise, I am NOT being authentic and true to my core.

    The result of being this type of leader is that your sales success soars to new heights. I would rather challenge a prospects paradigm than leave them confused and frustrated.

    Confusion and frustration are emotions that feed the Ego Self, whilst challenging paradigms leads to curiosity – fuel for the Spirit Self.

    In my heart and mind, there is no other way to serve a Human Being.

    She is tough and won’t tell you what you want to hear.

    Mary Henderson
    Mary Henderson
    Mary is a Transformational Leader. She amplifies ambitious, self-led and heart centred Industry Experts turn their knowledge, wisdom and skills into a go-to brand and business so they can create impact in the world.


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