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    Becoming Your Self Unique With The Brain In Mind By Omozua Isiramen

    We live in a world where the constant onslaught of information has become the norm. It has become more about whether we can keep up with what’s happening around us, rather than embracing who we are and living as ourselves.

    Knowing, understanding and creating from Who and Why we are (our natural default setting = neuro design), falls out of sight or never pops up to the surface because How smart one is, is deemed the self to go after and takes the upper hand.

    We all face periods in our lives where our unique selves take a step out of the spotlight. How would we go about bringing it back into the spotlight and empowering it to stay through all the trials we encounter and the great things we can create?

    Those who know me know I’m a fan of formulas and having accurate ingredients. Formulas allow room to experiment, tweak, reselect and course-correct with the human brain at the forefront as its driver.

    A leader can be described with many adjectives, but all outstanding accomplishments – including inner happiness – start with walking in your own shoes, not someone else’s.

    Embracing the tangibles of the inner YOU: Many think there is a secret potion waiting to be found that allows you to love who you are in a world where disruption and change are here to stay. While we all have different definitions of ourselves, looking at how our own brains function can help set us apart even more.

    Emotional Mastery and Intelligence: How well you both understand and react to emotions is telling of one’s personality. Understanding our emotional range and identifying when emotions are being experienced allows you to communicate with others in a way that they will feel most comfortable.

    This level of awareness helps curb any assumptions you may have while communicating and allow you to listen with intent rather than waiting for your time to speak.

    Neuro Agility – Be More Neuro Agile: Being confident in life is also a byproduct of knowing that you can and are moving forward, continuously evolving plus discovering the power of the language of today – capability (from within). Our ability to learn,

    relearn, adapt and having the mental flexibility to handle what life throws at us is crucial. By focusing on becoming more agile mentally, we can begin to learn and process information far quicker and with more flexibility than others.

    Neuro Agility allows you to operate with ease and simplicity in the complexity we face daily. This ability leads to learning new skills quicker, unlearning unwanted behaviours easier and being flexible and understanding with a range of ideas. All qualities often sought after for high position roles.

    Leadership skills: You don’t need to be in a leadership position to focus on leadership skills. We are all required to embrace diversity in all manners and be ahead of the game in this disruptive world. These are some of the most important skills needed in this period of the Human Age because they focus on self-growth, contribution and communication with others. Three of the areas that we deal with on a day to day basis.

    More often than not, leadership skills create a full view of what is to be expected by someone that performs at a high level. Regardless of your position or what you do for work, a focus on building a solid skill set will see you equipped for all manners of circumstances.

    What does your Unique self mean to you?

    How do you interpret this question?

    I’ve found that the responses can differ wildly and could also be a result of our social status and positioning. The power behind being one’s unique self is just that – it’s unique. There is no correct answer, and instead, you gain inner strength by acknowledging what is important to you and embracing it as who you are.

    For me, your unique self looks like this:

    • Being able to differentiate between fiction and fact confidently.
    • Embracing what truly matters on one’s own terms.
    • Embrace one’s originality and defining factors Recognise that there are always things to be learned.
    • Understand that power questions are not frightening but needed to shift perception and mindset
    • The ability to transform conditioning and biases into a way of inclusive expression

    A shocking revelation often associated with a breakdown of this kind is gained from realising how involved the process is. We like to glorify specific terms and glamourise what it means to be authentic. unique or truly ourselves, yet, there often comes an avoidance of the steps involved to achieve them.

    It goes beyond simply wanting to develop personally. Many of us are unsure who we really are. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20, 30, 50 or even 70. Understanding oneself doesn’t come with age; it comes from conscious and consistent effort to understand our minds.

    Embracing your unique self: As you can see, working on your unique self should be, and needs to be, a daily task. Whatever you can achieve and manifest through affirmations, visualisation, and mindful practice starts with the brain and understanding how it serves you. Finding ways you can optimise your brain can further aid these mindset enhancing tasks.

    But, the main point I want you to take away from this is your unique self is not a role you play. It’s not about looking good or simulating that you’re okay.
    Your unique self is what you become, portray, make informed decisions with, and through which you relate with others.

    My grandmother, who blessed me with an insurmountable amount of wisdom, always said that “when you operate in the way you were meant to that you know without a doubt that experience teaches and grows you. Lows and tears are part of having a breakthrough, and you are what you are. Rather than trying to change it, live to operate resourcefully with it, so your legacy stems from the ripple effect you send out into the world.”

    Through her wisdom I was able to see the bigger picture in my mind and truly understand what it means to embrace my inner self. There is nothing more inclusive. Hopefully, you can see this too.

    Suppose you’re looking to master what it takes to have profound realisations that enable brain-friendly, sustainable life rituals, emotional mastery and personal success. In that case, I am your neurocoach & partner on that path. Apply to work 1-on-1 with me or Join my 12 -Week Emotional Mastery Masterclass to Tame the inner-mind Chihuahua and be the CEO of Your Life.

    Omozua Ameze Isiramen
    Omozua Ameze Isiramen
    Omozua Isiramen is a Neuroscience Transformation & Peak Performance Specialist who provides sales professionals, business consultants, executives, and leaders with a comprehensive methodology to decode their own unique brain signatures so they can elevate their personal and professional lives in all areas by attaining neuro agility and emotional mastery. Her Programs, Brainification and The Manyoufest Code help individuals and teams to develop brain fitness and mental flexibility for a fast, flexible, and focused mind to reach their potential.


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