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    10 Functions Of The Unconscious Mind Useful For Manifestations By Falguni Katira

    Manifestation is the domain of the mind. Because the mind does its best to be in charge at all times, it is important to focus on the mental paradigm first before we can truly manifest anything in real life. Manifesting wealth, health and everything in between becomes very easy, once we are mentally and energetically vibrating at the same level of the thing that we want to manifest. It has to be an exact energy match.

    To understand how we can tap into the Unconscious Mind (UM) and utilize it to our optimum advantage, we need to understand its primary functions. The unconscious mind has many functions and capabilities, I’ve listed ten of them below… We can tap into these functions and align with them at a vibration level to actualize all of our heart desires.

    Function #1 – The Unconscious Mind Stores All of Our Memories:

    UM is a big warehouse where all of our memories are organized and stored. In order to manifest health, wealth, prosperity etc. you need to make sure you’re continuously and consciously holding pleasant memories of the same.

    Function #2 – The Unconscious Mind Runs Our Body:

    UM has the perfect blueprint of what our body is like today and what it should ideally be internally and externally. This means that the mind knows our ideal state of being. It’s the mechanism that signals us to rest and rejuvenate. It regulates our health. In other words, the mind maintains all of our bodily functions. So, in order to manifest health, both mental and physical, we need to take out the time for proper rest and practice self-care.

    Function #3 – The Unconscious Mind Enjoys Serving Us:

    UM is extremely powerful. Our mind needs clear orders. Whatever we tell the mind it translates that as an order. Everything you say after “I AM…” becomes your reality. In other words, our mind likes to take orders from us… it likes to serve us. The mind can be tamed. It looks for commands, therefore if we aren’t happy with our lives, we can give our mind some new commands. We can definitely control the mind and therefore control all of our experiences and manifestations in our life with the power of the UM.

    Function #4 – The Unconscious Mind Represses Memories:

    UM represses memories that are associated with negative emotions. Therefore in order to manifest happiness and positive outcomes in life, we get to associate our experiences with positive emotions that can repeatedly bring us continued joy.

    Function #5 – The Unconscious Mind Controls & Maintains Our Perceptions:

    Our reality of the world is based on our perceptions. Perceptions are powerful and unique to us. All of our experiences and the stories we tell ourselves create our perceptions. They are generated, stored, and maintained in the mind. Our mind gathers all the data points that form our perceptions, and our perceptions guide our actions. Our actions in turn guide our manifestations. Therefore, it is very important to perceive things with an open mind. If we believe we can, we will.

    Function #6 – The Unconscious Mind Generates & Stores Energy:

    We communicate with our energy more than we communicate with words. Our energy gives the people around us a clear idea of our true being. Our mind generates, stores, and transmits energy to the entire body. The mind determines how much energy we have. Energy is that which connects what we want from what we have. Our energetic vibrations manifest all things in life that are vibrating at the same level as us.

    Function #7 – The Unconscious Mind Maintains Instincts & Generates Habits:

    Instinct is a natural tendency that can be connected to what we’ve learned and also experienced. When we follow through and respect those instincts, our mind presents more and more of them to us thus making us super intuitive. Repetitive behaviors form habits and those habits determine the quality and frequency of our manifestations in life.

    Function #8 – The Unconscious Mind is Symbolic:

    UM easily remembers by associating symbols. It files symbols and responds to symbols. It also files memories and the emotions associated with those memories by leveraging our five senses. Having symbols and signs of the things we want to manifest around us, make for a good reminder to the mind to help bring that to us in real life.

    Function #9 – The Unconscious Mind Works on the Principle of Least Effort:

    UM likes to take the easy route to reach its noble goal of peace and calm. It prefers to avoid confrontations, hard work, and stepping out of its comfort zone. The mind takes the path of least resistance. It does not want to get into any conflicts or confrontations.

    Therefore it becomes all the more critical to strongly believe in the thing you want to manifest and fully accept the fact that you deserve it.

    Function #10 – The Mind Does Not Process Negatives:

    The way we speak to ourselves and others matters. Our mind does not process negatives. The way we speak… the emotions we convey… the language we use… makes all the difference. The way we string words together matters, because words are commands for the mind. So saying things that are opposite of what you want to manifest in life is never a good idea.

    Becoming aware of these critical UM functions is fundamentally important before we set out to manifest any positive thing in life. Just know that the thing you want has to be available, acceptable and believable mentally first, before it can really come into your life. Firm your energy towards your goal and you’ve already entered the zone of divine manifestation.

    Happy manifesting!

    Falguni Katira
    Falguni Katira
    Falguni is an internationally recognised Personal Transformation Coach. Falguni helps executives and business owners achieve radical personal and professional transformation by tapping into their inner intelligence using her EQ loaded, Signature V.I.S.I.B.I.L.I.T.Y Framework that creates self aware leaders and teams.


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