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    8 Tips On How To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Lead Your Dream Life By Falguni Katira


    How many are living their dream life? Of course, they are many, but that’s according to social media posts. If you did not know, it’s about time you knew over 70% of images you see posted on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, don’t portray the real lifestyle.

    The reality is that people are not living their dream life. But what is worse, they don’t know they are their own obstacle. Time and time again, they keep self-sabotaging their effort by repeating the same mistake now and then. If you want to break the cycle holding you back, you must put in some extra effort and be accountable.

    Maybe you are asking yourself, what does “living the life of your dream” mean? Do you need a million-dollar bank balance? Be a popular celebrity? Better yet, become a humble servant who ensures other people’s needs are met before your own. Well, you don’t need to be or do any of that. In this blog, we will highlight ten tips on how to get out of your own way and lead your dream life. We believe everyone should, including you. So read on, and hopefully, you will be on your dreamy path.


    Before embarking on any plan, give yourself a clean slate. First, refrain from letting past failures be your present measure. And two, Forget the multiple failed attempts and focus all the energy on redoing what you can do differently.

    To help you navigate through, consider drafting a SMART goal framework. It will help you be effective and specific. Too it answers questions about what to accomplish, who is responsible, and the necessary steps to take.

    SMART Goal Stands for:

    S – Specific
    M – Measurable
    A – Achievable
    R – Relevant
    T – Time-bound

    Knowing how to set your goals with the SMART framework makes it easy to achieve success and reach your goals, no matter how complex they might appear.

    Above all, keep your eye on the prize and stay motivated. Always remember why you chose the goal. What is your expectation? And ensure your reasons for prioritizing that goal are pure. Keep your ego from controlling you because if you do, it will cloud your judgment, and you may lose track and eventually give up on your dreams. To increase the chances of accomplishing your goals, ensure you have the right plan.


    The journey towards living your dream life is challenging and emotion-wrecking to handle alone. You need help and support for the dream to be achievable. Therefore, ask for help from friends and connections who are already living the kind of life you want. Ask questions about the experiences they went through in their journey. It will help you learn how they overcame hindrances.

    Always remember, the unlived dream is only yours. People out here are living their dreams. So, if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. It will simplify your quest to lead your dream life.


    Feeling afraid is normal, but it can be a limiting factor in attaining your goals. In your endeavors to lead a dream life, you may experience fear of success that manifests in the following ways:

    • Procrastination: Not acting decisively and letting opportunity pass.
    • Perfection: You focus on perfection; when you fail short, it becomes a reason not to proceed.
    • Self-destructive: Lack of discipline and substance abuse may derail your success.


    What makes you tick? Make a list of things that make you remarkable and keep it somewhere visible, like in a mirror, monitor, or notebook. The idea behind having your strength written and within your eyesight range is to remind yourself about them constantly. It’s a way of overcoming negative thoughts, which can often pull you down.

    By knowing your strength, it becomes easy to master and nature those in-born traits. This helps bring out the best version of yourself forward each day. Besides that, it impacts your life significantly and gives you a sense of fulfillment.


    Don’t let your weaknesses lower your self-esteem. Identify them and learn how to avoid them despite their existence. For example, you can outsource duties that you lack skillfully.

    Suppose your weakness results from character flaws and not a lack of skill. Consider taking a course, reading books, or taking deliberate self-developing steps to overcome your weakness. For example, if you are poor in communication, that is an issue you can improve. Invest in yourself, and be on your way to living your dream life.


    Don’t compare yourself with others. Learn to overcome the fear of comparison around those you feel you can’t level up. It’s easy to assume those you perceive successful did not have it the hard way. But what you fail to see and appreciate is the time, lessons learned, and hard work behind their success. Therefore, clap for friends when they succeed. It’s their time, so the least you do is celebrate their wins.

    Your moment is coming too. It’s not easy to find truthful allies, so not don’t be that person who glares when good fortune befalls their friends. Would you want such a friend? Always strive to do what you want others to do to you.


    After identifying your goal and how to accomplish it, you must create a detailed plan elaborating on timeframes, deadlines, and specific tasks from phase one until completion. Without a plan, you won’t keep track of your progress, and it will take longer than usual. However, with a plan to follow, you will achieve your goals in a shorter time.


    For you to succeed in getting out of your own way and leading your dream life, you need to avoid excuses. If you cannot work on something for some reason, you better reschedule it. Manage your time wisely, and focus on issues that matter. Don’t let distractions stop you when working on achieving a certain goal.

    To effectively manage yourself, allocate time to specific goals. Even if you have other responsibilities that seem to take most of your time, try to spare some time to work on your goal. Giving up or absconding should not be an option. Keep moving forward, despite the slow pace. In the end, every effort will be worth it.


    Living your dream life will largely depend on how you plan yourself. But remember, you need persistence, self-confidence, and effort for your plan to succeed. Beyond that, you must overcome self-doubt and deny yourself self-time, among others. The tips mentioned above are but a few ways to guide you and get out of your own way and lead your dream life.

    If you have some dreams to pursue, know it’s possible to make them a reality. Follow the above tips, and who knows? You might live your desired dream life sooner. Life is short, so don’t settle for less. Believe in yourself, add effort and resolve and take the first step!


    Falguni Katira
    Falguni Katira
    Falguni is an internationally recognised Personal Transformation Coach. Falguni helps executives and business owners achieve radical personal and professional transformation by tapping into their inner intelligence using her EQ loaded, Signature V.I.S.I.B.I.L.I.T.Y Framework that creates self aware leaders and teams.


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