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    8 Types of wealth that make you Prosperous By Falguni Katira

    It is widely believed that wealth equates material richness. The one that has more money is better off than the one that does not.

    Material wealth is a global measure to determine the affluence a person, state or a country enjoys. But, have we ever thought why this disparity in wealth distribution across the globe?

    Wealth is not just money as we understand it. Money is a mere means to the destination. When someone yearns for money, they are essentially seeking something that money can buy to make them happy.

    Similarly when someone earns money, they are merely earning the capability to buy something that can give them happiness.

    Once this concept is clear in our mind, we can be open to understand the difference between being monetarily rich vs. wealthy.

    There are 8 different types of wealth that help us prosper in life and bring us holistic happiness and joy in life.

    1. Time Wealth

    Of all the resources in life, Time is the most critical of all. It is one amongst those resources that is limited in nature.

    We all know when we have it and that we are spending it with every passing second, we can look at the time we have lost, but no one can assuredly say how much time they ultimately have in store for them.

    So, when we share this limited precious resource with someone, it should be a transaction worth having with full awareness and conscious decisioning.

    We cannot earn this wealth back, nor can we generate more of it, hence it is the most precious of all.

    2. Health Wealth

    Health is wealth because to earn material wealth, we will need to be in healthy condition physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and so on.

    All of these different dimensions of our being are included in our health and wellness wealth. When we are healthy, we are best positioned to not only become wealthy but also enjoy that wealth.

    Many times, people possess material wealth but they cannot enjoy it due to lack of health wealth. Due to sickness and other limitations, they are not able to rejoice their material possessions fully and completely.

    3. Financial Wealth

    Money is the common language everyone in the world speaks. We are all mentally wired to earn money as a source of living because the value of money and its

    importance in our life has been passed on to us genealogically.

    Money is the tangible form of wealth that we can earn, multiply and share. It gives us a sense of security because it enables us and empowers us to transact with others in return of a valuable product or service.

    4. Family / Friends Wealth

    This is perhaps one of the wealths that we take for granted. We all know that having friends and family is a blessing we often do not fully realize the value of until we lose them.

    Having someone around us that supports us, cheers for us is priceless and wealthy are those that have such people in their life, around them at all times.

    5. Spiritual Wealth

    Attending towards the needs of the soul is one of the most gratifying experiences in life. Wealthy are those that can afford to spend time in silence, do the inner work and tend to their soul.

    Spiritual and mental wellbeing is the cornerstone of a successful life and is often the foundation on which all other riches lie.

    6. Business / Profession Wealth

    The work that we do brings us more than just money. Recognition is a big motivator. Job satisfaction, rewards, empowerment, confidence, etc. are all instrumental in our overall success professionally.

    ‘When we have something to do, we have nothing to worry about.’ Doing meaningful work and working towards a purpose greater than ourselves is a great form of wealth.

    7. Creative Wealth

    Creativity is a natural phenomenon. It is the power of the brain that requires continuous nudges and freedom of expression.

    When we become curious and want to learn more, we grow and expose ourselves to a world of possibilities. The ability to creatively express ourselves is a wealth not many can afford.

    8. Experience Wealth

    The luxuries we enjoy in life, the experiences we live in are a kind of wealth that is afforded by many, but enjoyed by few.

    The kind of home we live in, the food we eat, the travel experiences we enjoy in life, time we spend in nature, etc. are all examples of the experience wealth that make us richer and abundant in life.

    In closing, I’d encourage you to not equate wealth and prosperity with money alone. There are several key factors that help us determine the overall opulence that we enjoy in life. These riches in totality make us feel peaceful, abundant, happy and joyful, which is what we all ultimately seek.

    Falguni Katira
    Falguni Katira
    Falguni is an internationally recognised Personal Transformation Coach. Falguni helps executives and business owners achieve radical personal and professional transformation by tapping into their inner intelligence using her EQ loaded, Signature V.I.S.I.B.I.L.I.T.Y Framework that creates self aware leaders and teams.


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